Sarah Silverman on her brother in law…

Posted June 12, 2006

BLVR: Is anybody in your family a practicing Jew?

SS: My oldest sister, Susan, is a Rabbi. We grew up with no religion, but she just got into it on her own, and from the influence of her now-husband, Yosef Abramowitz, a journalist and super-Jew. He’s one of those super smart but super sloppy East Coast Jews with the yarmulke dangling by the tip of a bobby pin off the side of his head, Red Sox hat on top of that, one tail of his shirtfront in and one out, stains, a couple pens in the upper pockets. In other words: a-dorable.


Yes, it’s true. Sarah, in her talk/blessing to Aliza at her bat mitzvah two weeks ago, did use the word “vagina” in front of 300 of Aliza’s closest friends and relatives. 


An inappropriate video clip of her show, including what I interpret to be a take off of John Lennon and Imagine, can be viewed here. Full disclaimer here.

you can enjoy Sarah’s humor and get updates about her upcoming Comedy Central sit-com, The Sarah Silverman Program, at


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